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Residential & Commercial Land Services in Raleigh, North Carolina

Count on Tractor and Excavator Services, Inc. in Raleigh, North Carolina, for professional and affordable land services.

Bush Hogging
I use a 6 foot bush hog coupled to a 60hp John Deere tractor to mow fields of any size. I can mow approximately 2-3 acres per hour depending on the terrain and the size of the brush and trees on the property. I have a capacity to mow trees up to 2" in diameter and mulch them in one pass. Allow me to tame that overgrown field. Keeping it clean helps prevent rats and snakes from living on your property especially if you have children.

Post Holes
If you are a DIY homeowner, and want to add a fence to your space, I can assist you with the process. Using an auger tractor attachment, I dig post holes with a diameter of 6, 9, or 12 inches; depths can be up to 3.5 feet. I can place one hole in less than a minute depending on the ground conditions. This service can also be used for planting trees and shrubs.

Driveway Leveling and Scraping
If your gravel driveway has potholes or washed out ruts, I can re-grade it and make it look like new. Most of the time without adding new gravel. If it needs new gravel, I can bring that in and spread it for you.

Other Tractor Services

•Garden Plowing and Rowing                 •Discing

•Box Blading

•Soil Spreading and Leveling

Excavation Services
I provide a complete menu of excavation services to meet your needs, including:

• Ditch Digging

• Drain Runs

 •Planting Trees

• Stumps

• Silt Ponds

•Plumbing Trenches

• Bury Electrical Wires


Tractor, Land Services in Raleigh, NC

Pond & Ditch Bank Mowing
In addition to bush hogging, I also offer pond and ditch bank mowing around ponds, dams and ditches. I use a mini excavator with 17 feet of reach and a bush hog attachment. It is light and has rubber tracks for minimal damage to property. Can also reach up to clear over hanging limbs and brush along paths, roads and driveways.

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